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European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)


ELFAA condemns proposed further extension of intra-EU only scope for EU ETS view...


5 March 2014
ELFAA urges Parliament to reject Commission proposal to weaken effectiveness of EU ETS view...


2 December 2013
EU Commission compromises environmental effectiveness of EU ETS view...


18 October 2013
ICAO fails to take concrete action on aviation carbon emissions - again - as ELFAA calls on EU to honour its commitment to revert to the all flights scope for EU ETS view...


7 October 2013
ELFAA denounces flawed derogation re EU ETS view...


16 April 2013
ELFAA condemns EC's proposed reduction in scope of EU ETS view...


12 November 2012
ELFAA welcomes ECJ Judgment on EU ETS view... 21 December 2011
ELFAA deplores desperate 11th hour attempt to derail EU ETS. Not in the name of ELFAA. view... 4 November 2011
ELFAA welcomes ECJ Advocate General's Opinion re the legality of EU ETS Directive. YES to EU ETS. NO to bogus "environmental" tax takes  view... 6 October 2011
ELFAA welcomes Parliament's decision on the Climate Change package as a balanced solution  view... 19 December 2008
Flying public faces biggest ever tax due to closed-door compromise on Emissions Trading  view... 24 October 2008
Case for Auctioning of Allowances for aviation in EU ETS disproved  view... 13 October 2008
Frontier Economics report: Impact of emissions trading a pricing and profits in aviation: review of Vivid Economics reports  view full report... 13 October 2008
Low Fares Airlines withdraw their support for inclusion of aviation in EU ETS, as now proposed   view... 14 July 2008
ELFAA urges European Parliament to face new reality on ETS caused by tripling of oil price   view... 3 June 2008
ELFAA calls on European Parliament to ensure emissions trading incentivises rather than punishes airlines   view... 27 May 2008
ELFAA welcomes EC official statement: all environmental taxes should be revoked upon inclusion of aviation in EU ETS   view... 16 April 2008
ELFAA offers a cautious welcome to EU Council of Environment Ministers decision on Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)  view... 21 December 2007
ELFAA holds 4th Annual General Meeting in Stockholm  view... 26 September 2007
New Industry Impact Assessment on Inclusion of Aviation into EU Emission
Trading Scheme view...
6 June 2007
Ernst&Young and York Aviation: Analysis of the EC Proposal to Include Aviation Activities in the Emissions Trading Scheme view... June 2007
ELFAA calls for wider scope for proposed Emissions Trading Scheme - long haul airlines should not be exempted view... 20 December 2006
Joint industry letter to MEPs re Lucas Report view... 23 June 2006
ELFAA press release re Lucas Report view... 14 June 2006
ELFAA presentation to the European Aviation Club, Brussels view... 23 March 2006
ELFAA press release: ''An end to sloppy thinking and hysterical persecution'': ELFAA calls for a balanced debate on the environment view... 20 March 2006

Frontier Economics Report: Economic consideration of extending the EU ETS to include aviation view full report...

view executive summary...

20 March 2006
ELFAA presentation to the European Parliament, Brussels view... 8 March 2006
ELFAA presentation to Air Finance Journal Conference, Vienna view... 16 February 2006
ELFAA presentation to United Nations, Montreal - Framework for Climate Change Review view... 7 December 2005
Commission proposals on EU emissions trading system will not encourage environmental efficiency and will damage European gorwth and employment view... 29 September 2005

Low Fares Airlines and the Environment - ELFAA Position Paper view...

June 2005


Aviation / Environmental Taxes



Aviation Industry united in plea for "focus on competitiveness".

Joint letter to all national European transport ministers in support of recent EU initiative. view....

1 December 2010

ELFAA slams unfair German passenger tax view....


Europäische Günstigflieger stellen sich gegen die Luftverkehrssteuer  view....

26 July 2010
ELFAA welcomes Conservative pledge to revise APD. view....


14 April 2010
ELFAA condemns UK Government's further smash and grab on air passengers. view.... 30 October 2009
Europe's low fares airlines call for UK tax cut. Government's action needed to support UK tourism in forthcoming budget. view.... 17 April 2009
ELFAA welcomes withdrawal of Dutch ticket tax view.... 26 March 2009
UK Government fails to reform Air Passenger Duty view.... 25 November 2008
ELFAA welcomes Belgian Government's decision to drop its plans for an air ticket tax view.... 7 November 2008
ELFAA condemns Belgian Aviation Tax view.... 15 October 2008
ELFAA condemns verdict on Dutch Travel Tax view.... 17 July 2008
ELFAA joins ANVR in protest against the Dutch holiday tax view.... 11 September 2007
ELFAA Criticises Dutch Aviation Tax view.... 2 August 2007
ELFAA strongly criticises the plan to double the UK Air Passenger Duty view.... 7 December 2006
ELFAA reacts to Chirac's comments on development aid view.... 27 July 2005
ELFAA to fight any state imposing taxation on aviation to fund development aid View... 8 June 2005


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